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Thread: Incognito Mobile Antenna 2M/70CM

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    Wondering if someone can direct me to source of an incognito mobile antenna that looks like an ordinary pickup truck antenna. I plan to add a mobile to my pickup but just don't want a mag mount or other obviously HAM antenna. I'd really like to add a similar to the FM radio antenna that is on the passenger side to the drivers side of my truck and I think that would be reasonably in conspicuous. Surly someone else has wanted to do the same thing. I have scoured the internet and have yet to find anything close. A base loaded whip that ins't too long would be fine. Any ideas?

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    Only had time for a quick look but maybe this will help:
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    As soon as you add a second antenna (assuming it looks nothing like a CB antenna), people automatically assume ham.

    There is the possibility of using the same antenna, but there are serious complications to consider. Obviously, you cannot key up with 25 watts directly connected to the FM stereo antenna input without ruining both radios, but the frequencies might be far enough away from each other that a diplexer could be built to separate the signals - but be ready to do some serious work to get it right without lots of loss or smoke. Either a sleeved coupled resonator antenna or trap antenna could easily do all 3 bands, but the traps in the latter would still be a dead giveaway. If you were parked rather than driving, a slot antenna designed into a headache rack might work, but the directivity is that of a dipole.

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