Several weeks ago we had a lighting strike about 20 feet from our house, it struck the ground between my comet CHA250B and my home made fan dipole, no damage to either antenna. However, it tripped two 20 AMP circuit breakers and took out two desktop computers (power supplies), my FT-950, two cable modems (and the HDMI board of the two TVs they were connected to), and my router. All were on except the FT-950 it was off. The only thing all these items had in common is that they all connected were to my shack ground. My IC-718 & FT8800, which were both on, and two other laptop computes (which were also on) were not affected; difference being they were not connected to the ground. The system ground is separate from the house ground which is located out on the pole that the electric meter is on. Talking to several tech's at the power company and to the tech's that replaced our cable modems think the EMF must have entered through the grounding system as it was directly wired to the grounding rod with no fuse or CB between the rod and the buss bar the items were connected to. If this a plausible, how can I protect my equipment from this happening again.

Any thoughts on this?