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Thread: ICom 706 MKIIG Fine tuning 2 meter frequency

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    Question ICom 706 MKIIG Fine tuning 2 meter frequency

    I am a brand new ham and starting on an ICom 706 MKIIG radio. I must be missing something but when I try and go from say 146.710 to 146.715 it jumps in increments of 10 and goes 146.720 then 146.730 and so on and skips the .5 part of the frequency. I am trying to go through the operating manual but canít seem to make the more fine tune. I am trying to program in a local repeater 146.715 and canít seem to figure it out. Thanks for the help!

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    Go into the menu and change up the tuning increment value (page 17 & 18 of the manual) by holding down the TS button for 2 seconds until you get a screen that asks you to select a tuning step, changeable by turning the tune knob.

    I think....

    Otherwise, put it into a memory channel and leave it there. Not sure if I helped or not.
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