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Thread: Low impact HF vertical antennas

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    Default Low impact HF vertical antennas

    Greetings all

    I have recently reinstated my Amateur Radio licence after 16 years and all being well next year my Wife and I we will be living and working in a touring Caravan site in the UK for around 8 months then wintering in Spain for the remainder of the year.

    Does anyone on this forum have any experience of setting up a HF station from a Caravan site and if so what antenna system did you use ?

    obviously it would need to be low impact possibly a loaded vertical of sorts as I only have a Windom at the moment and at 133 feet I am pretty sure it would not be welcome on a Caravan site.

    Any advice appreciated.


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    what about a fish pole with some wire and a balun as a the prowhip was

    when not in use you can take it down not to upset the community
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    This is what I have been using.

    I use it mounted on a painter pole and a homemade wooden mount that I either stake down with guys or drive my truck onto.

    I just picked this up at a radio day to try but have not used yet.

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