Hey guys,

New here, just got my technician license. For my job, I'm supposed to figure out how to use some 3d shape-based software we have to modulate signals. I've already written the matlab code that can turn the shapes into continuous waves via fourier transform for (to my knowledge) analog modulation, and created binary step functions out of the shapes for digital modulation. The goal here is to be able to use those functions, which fully describe the shapes in question, to modulate waves and send information to a receiver that could invert the process and get the shape up on their monitor or something. My question is how. I'm new to this stuff and both the necessary hardware and the necessary software elude me on how I might begin this process, since, to a radio, the waves I've made are just pixels on a screen. I would likely also have some follow up questions about scaling them to proper sizes and whatnot. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm lost here!

TLDR: How do I turn matlab-generated waves into actual usable frequencies?