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Thread: Amp for an MFJ 40 M QRP rig???

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    Default Amp for an MFJ 40 M QRP rig???

    Getting back to Hamming after about 20 years off...I used to run a small qrp rig for 40 meter CW and loved it- Now I'd like a small amp to add a little more power - I'm curious about these Chinese amps you see on Utube and for sale on Ebay/Amazon for only a few dollars.

    Do they really work?? Are they worth it or pretty much junk??

    Recommendations for a HF amp - maybe 25 Watts or so??

    Thanks guys!!

    (just wrote element 2 and 3 yesterday and am waiting for a new call sign - had to start over from the beginning as I had expired a few years back. I'd like to have a jump on the ability to transmit)

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    So this question has been on here for over 20 days, over 200 views and no one will volunteer an answer - not a very active forum section - Thanks (sad face!!)

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    I figure that most of the folks who read this thread are in the same boat as me... I have no experience dealing with what you are wanting to do or the equipment you are asking about.

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    You could build an amp with minimal filtering and flaky soldering yourself, or design a really good circuit and have pristine soldering.
    Linears really aren't that complicated, there must be a circuit diagram you can build on out there.

    Maybe the lack of replies is a sign that a cheap one isn't the best idea - it will work, but how long it will work is the real question.

    Try it, experiment! add filtering!

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