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Thread: Advice on FT-60R accessories

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    Default Advice on FT-60R accessories

    I have just passed my Tech and General exams and I have decided to start with an FT-60R HT.

    I would appreciate advice on antennas -
    - which one to replace the rubber duck antenna that it comes with for outdoor, portable use?
    - which one for putting on my car for in-car use? What else is needed to make it stick to car roof?
    - Do I need another one if I am using it in my house? I'm pretty intimidated about setting up a large antenna at the moment.

    Regarding other accessories, this is what I'm thinking and either validation of these or additional recommendations would be helpful:
    - VOX Headset: VC-25
    - Lithium-Ion Battery Pack: Vertex FNB-RG-67LI
    - Lithium-Ion Battery Charger: VAC-810B

    Thanks much!
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    The FT-60 is a good HT, I have one. What you are wanting to do will get you started but you probably will not be %100 satisfied.
    HTís are really not meant to be used as a mobile or fixed station. As a mobile you may have difficulty hearing with the built in speaker and 5 watts is not much power for a mobile. You need a 2M / 70CM duel band mag mount antenna that has a connector that matches the ft-60.
    Used as a fixed station with a high gain antenna you may receive a lot inter modulation.
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    Comet sells a mobile antenna I think it is sb5 that will work with no groundplane. It could work for your base station antenna. I am using one on a mobile mag mount sitting on top of my central air unit. I use the same setup on my truck roof.

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    AC5PS, thank you for your reply. I was drawn to HAM radio for emergency/disaster purposes. I knew nothing of electronics or radios until the first day of the 2-day Tech class and then crammed some Gen'l test questions into my brain and passed both after the 2 day class plus 2 more days of studying. Now I have a General license but know next to nothing.

    I think you make good points. My plan is to get the FT-60R just to get on the air and get going with something, while I continue to actually learn some of this stuff. I'm joining my local RACES club. I hope to get to know people a lot more knowledgeable than I am, maybe get to see and try out some radios, see what other HAM interests may develop and go from there. I looked at reviews of more powerful and more expensive transceivers and I see comments about people who prefer easier knob-driven rigs with less functionality or others who prefer more functionality in a menu-driven setup. Until I get out there and try some things, I don't know what I prefer. I also don't know if I will want to do contesting or DX or just casual chats facilitated by my local repeater. I don't think I'm interested in CW, but I've learned to never say never.

    Redbicycle, thanks. I will look for that Comet antenna.

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    I would recommend against the VOX headset. VOX can be difficult to adjust for optimum operation, especially in high noise environments. And they are pricey to purchase. Instead I recommend the Heil HTH-Y HT headset. These can be had for about $30 and are superior in audio quality to the Yaesu VOX headsets. My friend and I were working a large military air show and the net control operator said we had the best audio of anyone else, including two operators with the Yaesu VOX headsets. My HTH-Y worked like a dream until I ran over it with my truck. I immediately went out and bought another. (I'm now in the process of piecing the broken one back together with super glue, just to see if I can get it working again.)

    I didn't like the stock antenna on the FT-60 because it would easily get bent (mostly from my fat mid-section) and was difficult to straighten. Also, it's not the best in terms of reception and transmitting. As a replacement antenna, most people buy the Diamond SRH77CA dual-band antenna. I did the same, but I found its 15.5 inch length to be a nuisance. I don't know how many times I poked myself in the eye with it and I finally gave up when I accidentally stuck it up my nose. I found a good compromise in antennas made by the Chinese company Wouxun. They can be found on eBay, but you have to make sure you get the proper connector on the antenna. They make both standard SMA and the "reverse SMA" common on the Chinese radios. The link below is for one with the proper connector.

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