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    Smile Coaxial cable connector

    How do I connect a coaxial cable to this connector pls? There is a fixed metal plate inside the large diameter hole approx 12mm but the smaller hole at the side approx 6mm is simply a threaded tube with a small hole at the end. The plate only just protrudes ever so slightly when looking through the smaller tube. There must be some piece missing that I have to attach to the cable first. The lady that sold it to me had no time to explain how to fix it. It is to connect a coax to mounting base for an antenna.!Al2Mogd5fOjrgeYnKXF_M2jQWn1__Q!Al2Mogd5fOjrgeYoYPu7M4rPwrHLOA

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    Strip the coax outer long enough to hide inside the angled entry hole.
    The inner insulation should be as close to the solder point as practical.

    Just solder the inner conductor to the brass terminal in the middle, the push-fit of the braid should hold it in place.

    A heatshrink strain relief of might help too - maybe someone else has a better method...

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    Thanks I get it now.

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    I'm sure You Tube has plenty of instances of doing it wrong....

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