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    I can't setup my ft7800 to down load memory. Following the procedure in the manual, the last button to download the memory is the VHM/MWbutton. when pushed, the radio goes to --TX--, the immediately changes to ERROR. All other functions are OK. Tried Yaesu support. No help other that send it in. The reset functions only apply to memory. A microprocessor reset would probably cure it, but I don't know how to do it. The support guy didn't either. Can anyone help?
    Dave KR4LU

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    The fact you've mis-named the button in you post leads me to believe you may be pressing the wrong button. The manual specifically states to press the [V/M(MW)] key. Are you perhaps pressing the [TONE(HM/RV)] button by mistake?

    Also, keep in mind that these buttons have several functions attached to them depending on how long they are pressed. The programming procedure for the FT-7800 calls for a momentary press to write the information to a memory channel.

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