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Thread: New General with about $1500 set aside for first HF / antennae / mic, etc.

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    Default New General with about $1500 set aside for first HF / antennae / mic, etc.

    Completed the General Test Yesterday
    Shopping around for a favorable HF rig, and I need an antennae that can be hidden from a VERY observant homeowners association.

    If you had about $1500 set aside for HF work, and a new General license to wave around, what equipment might you choose?
    I have my eye on the IC7300, of course, but I have been using Yeasu FT7900 for my 2m so I have some Yeasu familiarity.



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    Maybe a local club member can unload some secondhand gear onto you, it's always a good place to start.

    As for invisible antennas...

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    Don't spend it all on a rig and antenna alone. Had I bought an antenna impedance analyzer right away, the time I would have saved....

    Power supply, coax, tuner, swr/power meter with dummy load, antenna impedance analyzer, field strength meter, etc.

    There are a variety of stealth antennas.

    HF: Flagpoles, gutters, clothes lines, attic loops, camo painted wire in tree, End fed wire antenna out 2nd floor window drawn tight only when in use (at night perhaps).
    VHF: furnace vents, lightning rods, slot antennas cut in a tv satellite dish, coax under garage door to car mounted antenna

    You could always set up the radio at a friends house and operate it through the internet.
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