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    Hello all,

    What is the best long range two way handheld radio that offers aes encryption? I am not looking to use a repeater, only site to site.

    Price is no concern.


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    It is illegal to use voice encryption (at least in the ham bands). The APX P25 Motorola radios police use are capable of encryption but they run $1k to $5k each. What radio service do you intend to use them in? And why AES specifically?

    In ham radio, part 97 states that you cannot use codes or ciphers to obstruct a messages meaning. One way people have went around this is to use data "compression". If a digital transmission is compressed with an unknown-to-others algorithm, it is not understandable to the casual listener and the operator can simply say he is attempting to save bandwidth. Encryption is not illegal in all cases though. Wifi, bluetooth, cellular and public service bands have obvious legitimate uses for encryption. There have even been FCC approved FRS radios with voice scrambling.

    Long range handhelds without repeaters? Define "long range". The best handheld radios (without external antennas) will not get you far reliably. This is what I would do: Site to site within 30 miles, just get CB radios with decent antennas and connect them to a computer sound card with FLDIGI and run a digital keyboard mode like hellscriber to send text that was manually run through a one-time pad beforehand (perhaps a Viginere cipher using a pair of identical but completely illogical non-repeating keys randomly generated beforehand).

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