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Thread: Baofeng UV-5X3 Battery life

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    Default Baofeng UV-5X3 Battery life

    I have a new Baofeng UV-5X3. What is the expected battery life? I get about 15-20 minutes of scanning, then have to charge 1.5hours for another 15-20 minutes.
    That seems pretty short battery life. Is that the normal time? How long does the 3800mh battery last?

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    My UV-5R V2+ consumes about 90mA during scan according to my bench supply. My battery is rated at 1800mAh, which means the radio should be able to run for about 1800mAh/90mA=20 hours. That number isn't far off from what I experience.

    If your battery is rated at 3800mAh and your radio draws what mine does, your battery SHOULD be lasting around 3800mAh/90mA= 42 hours. I would say your battery is toast if it only lasts 20 minutes.

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