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Thread: Can a mobile antenna become ground independent?

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    Default Can a mobile antenna become ground independent?

    I have an old Transel TAB5T multiband mobile antenna. I have used this on my van in years past, and it worked fine.

    If used as a base station antenna, a monoband vertical should have a radial system. But what about the TAB5T used as a base station antenna? Does the addition of 4 different band resonators (3 at right angles to the mast, and 1 vertically at the top) make it, in effect, ground independent?

    Not to say that a radial system would hurt, but are radials necessary or effective as in a monoband?

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    Define what you consider effective?
    For me, the answer is that using antennas with design would be an exceptionally poor match. Meaning very little power delivered to the antenna and not effective at all.
    -Jeff NE1U

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    Experiment and study what works and what doesn't. You'll need some test equipment and plenty of writing stuff for recording dimensions, frequencies and such. In general, a multiband mobile antenna doesn't really lend itself to fixed station (not "base station") operation. YMMV.
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