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Thread: is noise pickup an issue with ladderline?

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    Default is noise pickup an issue with ladderline?

    Hello, been putting together a 40 meter dipole with a tuner for other bands, inverted v planned for final setup. I am debating the merits of ladder line vs coax. I know there's no point to using a tuner on coax other than saving the transceiver. however I live in an urban area where RF noise is a concern, is there any appreciable difference between shielded coax and open ladder line? The run will be about 100 feet.

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    You should be good to go with open feeder on 40. The losses are far less at low frequencies, so, provided you have a good fundamental resonance, you should have less noise...

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    Eventually you will need a balun to get to the coaxial input of your transceiver. Many commercial baluns have a ground terminal that provides a DC connection to both sides of the dipole. And that drains off static accumulaton from any of several natural sources ... nearby lightning storms, snow, etc.

    So ... ladder line provids a quieter antenna that coax fed. Call it anecdotal evidence, but for me disconnecting/reconnecting the balun ground lug made a noticable difference in QRN on my rcvrs.
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