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Thread: Advice on Yagi type Antenna

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    I plan to buy a signal booster for a phone (60db gain for car/rv, wideband) and attach a yagi type antenna. According to the plot form the manufacture (link) does this mean I have a range of about 30 degrees each way when aiming it? I only ask because I am wondering how accurate I need to be when I aim that style of Antenna. I know this is shortwave/ham forum, I figure you guys would know.

    My whole situation that I am trying to solve is Internet on a cargo ship. I have 2 windows for my room (port and aft) and the walls are steel. I was thinking to put a "Proxicast 11 dBi Yagi" behind a window and just aim it at land providing I have 60 degrees of arch. The ship is always moving, so I would guess I would just need to adjust it once in a while.?

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    As with a lot of Amateur Radio, suck it and see, experiment, your mileage may vary...

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