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    I am planning on installing my Icom Id-4100 (2m/70cm 50watt max) in my truck along side (or in place of) my CB radio and have a couple of questions. It's operating as a base station on a Tram 1480 with LMR-400 coax currently. Firstly, I have already run a length of quality Belden RG-8x for the CB antenna, and have quite a bit more if I need to do another run. The RG-8x isn't best suited for UHF/VHF though. Is a 20ft run of it long enough to cause a problem in actual real-world application? I also have some LMR-400 but the thought of running that through my Just no. Secondly, I have the CB antenna (5ft Firestik) on a stake hole pocket mount on the driver side just behind the cab. I was thinking perhaps a 5-ish foot dual band antenna would work nicely mounted in/on the front stake hole on the passenger side. Maybe an L-bracket by the stake hole instead of a pocket mount. I was looking at the Comet CSB-790A but have seen mixed reviews for the brand and no reviews on that antenna. I wouldn't mind spending a little more for higher quality but would like a longer antenna to balance (cosmetically) with the Firestik, and to get a decent amount of antenna above the cab of the truck. It's an aluminum body F-150. I've heard that those make a poor ground plane but I'm getting an 11-meter SWR of about 1.1:1 so I dunno. Maybe worse with vhf/uhf? You've robably guessed that I'm new to the hobby. Just want to make an educated purchase and install. I appreciate the help.


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    This post is several months old now. What did you end up doing? The best result is a roof mount in the center of the roof, everything else is a compromise.

    I had a Subaru Outback 10 years ago where I mounted the antenna to the roof rack and ran a short dual band NMO antenna. Working mostly a local repeater within 25 miles it did fine. I also had to have clearance for a parking garage.

    Obviously not the same or similar to yours but sometimes we need to be creative. The antenna in a bed stake hole or even mounted to a L bracket on the inside edge of the bed rail will work but has limitations (compromise). I've used the L bracket before and it did fine. Ideal, again, is the center of your roof for best results but not all of us have that luxury.

    Dave, K5DRH

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