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Thread: Why stock HT radio antennas are so stiff

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    Default Why stock HT radio antennas are so stiff

    Yaesu, Icom and most chinese radios stock antennas are made of stiff material and they are uncomfortable to use.
    Aftermarket ones, like Diamond and clones sells some thin "rat's tail" antennas, flexi but fragile.
    Years ago, in the mono band era, many HT were equipped with sturdy, soft and very flexible antennas.

    To find a very flexy antenna nowadays i must buy a very cheap and unreliable china product and i don't want it.

    What is the reason (i think technical) why modern ht antennas are made to me stiff?

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    Im guessing here based on reasons I wouldn't design an antenna like those flexible ones (I had one)...

    Guess 1) Durability... The material used reminds me of those "unbreakable" glasses frames, although mine did break right at the mount where the wire comes out when I dropped it on its head.
    Guess 2) It might be due to the conductivity of the flexible alloy used.
    Guess 3) The rubber coating is so thin (as to allow flexibility) that they were concerned about someone holding the antenna while keying up. This could affect impedance dramatically and also be a very laughable "safety risk".
    GUESS 4-my favorite) When my yaese antenna does break, I'm dissecting it because I'm curious as to the method they used to dual-band it. Due to how thick and sturdy it is as the base, I'm guessing they did an outer UHF sleeve around the inner VHF antenna and the UHF portion operates as a coupled resonator or multi wire antenna. When my super flexible one snapped I cut the coating off it. Although it appeared to have a step in the rubber that might indicate a UHF resonator portion, there was only a single smooth wire inside. I saw no trap, no matching, nothing. I think yeasu and the rest actually make an attempt there hence the larger size.

    As for the rubber ducky antennas, those old buggers were linearly loaded coils. Might be hard dual banding one of those.

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