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Thread: How stop uv5r Pop at audio start and end?

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    Default How stop uv5r Pop at audio start and end?

    Baofeng uv5r emits a Loud pop at the start and end of any audio this is really annoying especially as in a racecar headset. Is there any way to stop this?
    Could I use a coupling capacitor on the speaker or some sort of shunt diode to kill the obvious dc burst?

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    I dont think either of those options alone will work.

    The shunt diode will clip the audio peaks to the forward bias drop of the diode (.7v) and make the audio sound all square wave like and probably overload the audio amp chip.

    There already is a decoupling capacitor on the output of the amp to the speaker, otherwise the speaker would see the amps bias voltage and push the cone all the way forward and hold it there.

    The displacement current across a capacitor will always give a pop when the bias voltage for the amp is first turned on, just like hitting the phantom power switch turning on a studio mic... it sounds to me like the audio amp is being turned on and off with the squelch circuit, which doesnt happen on my uv5r. Perhaps they tried to do some sort of power saving there in newer productions....

    It sounds like you need a low pass audio filter to tame the fast rise time of the pulse. Otherwise, you will need a scope to track down the problem.

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