We have three cars in our family and frequently caravan places together. I've used different Walmart-purchased FRS radios but hate recharging/replacing batteries, and always wanted to install handheld mics in the cars to simplify the radios' use (without installing a full CB radio).

I recently picked up five UV-5Rs on sale for $99, thinking they were usable like FRS radios - but after doing some reading on Ham Radios, I think I "over-purchased" for our typical use. Although since Baofeng makes car-chargers, dash mounts, and handheld mics - I'd still like to make use of these radios in some way.

Seems these can be programmed to use FRS channels, but I have two questions:

1) Is a license really needed to use FRS channels? I've read conflicting information on the internet :-(
2) If yes, I will go ahead and take the test for my license - but does everybody else in my family also have to (even if we just use one channel together)?

Thanks in advance.