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Thread: What is "Fixed Form Message" in APRS Settings for VX-8R

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    Default What is "Fixed Form Message" in APRS Settings for VX-8R

    Hello, I'm working through the manual on my VX-8R and I have APRS working as expected. However, there seem to be three APRS-specific types of message. The Yaseu Manual does not explain how to use them or even what they are, just how to set them. There is the basic directed "APRS Message" which is displayed and created in the top-level message screen. I understand that. Then there are two in the APRS settings. Item 13 is "Beacon Stats Txt" which is sent along with the transmitted beacon and shows up in the map position information. I understand that too. But there's also Item 6 which is "APRS MSG TXT". This one doesn't appear to go anywhere. Does anybody know what this is and what it's used for. In particular, if you create this message, where does it go? Thanks!
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