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Thread: Maximum Power for PSK 31

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    Default Maximum Power for PSK 31

    Having got my Rigblaster Plus setup, I dabbled a little in PSK31 and have had 3 QSOs so far. However, I have a troubling question...

    How much power can I run PSK31 on my Icom IC-725 before I damage it? I am using no external amplifier.

    Is there any safe amount of time to run full power and if so what is it.

    I ran the full 100 watts at times without any heating or reports of garbled signals, but something tells me I'm doing it wrong.

    Any help would be very appreciated.

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    What does the manual say?
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    Searching through the manual tells me nothing about approximately how long the transceiver can be run on a high duty cycle mode.

    Its just I've heard other hams say that running modes such as PSK31 at full power is bad for the final transistors.

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    You really don't need to run full power on PSK-31. You can make plenty of QSOs with ten watts and the general rule of thumb is no higher than 25% of your radio's maximum power. The lower the better.

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    Don't run your rig at full power on high duty cycle modes. You will damage something permanently if ran like that for long enough, which sneaks up on you without warning.

    Found that out myself the hard way about a decade back. Don't do it. Besides, by its very nature, you don't need a full 100 watts on PSK.

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    Alrighty, I'll keep it down below 40 watts or so when using the radio's internal amplifier.

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