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Thread: Long range external WiFi antennas? Any experience and recomendations?

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    Default Long range external WiFi antennas? Any experience and recomendations?

    Does any one have any experience and recommendations on long range WiFi antenna. The kind of things I mean is using remote WiFi with an external antenna. I am particularly interested in experience in urban environments. Kind of thing I mean is like these (these are just from a fairly simple google).

    Or even simple own creations

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    Have you tried an old satellite dish with a simple USB dongle at the feedpoint?

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    Beware the chinese 2.4GHz multi-element yagis on ebay. Some of them are usable only on certain wifi channels with atrocious SWR elsewhere. I've purchased a few duds & it's good to be able to show the vector network analyser SWR trace when demanding a refund.

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    I have a grid dish for 2.4GHz. Guessing that it is ~2' diameter ... something like this but not that exactly tho pretty close. At the moment, I forget exactly where I bought, but is was inspired by Broadband Ham net.

    I can't be very useful for several months as we are relocating and just about all ham stuff is stifled. But, when I get back .. it will be in spades and hope to make up for the almost useful information.
    -Jeff NE1U

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