I made an FM receiver for my desk at work so I could utilize an external antenna located some 40 feet away I had planted in a window for better reception. The indoor antenna kit I got came with an F connector that gave me a signal and a ground wire connection, I'm assuming the red wire is the signal and the black is ground, anyway this is the way I hooked it up and it seems to work well. I connected the ground wire to the brass fasteners, I'm assuming the corner bushings on the circuit board can serve as a ground, is this correct? I'm assuming a single antenna connection point implies a 75 ohm impedance on the receiver side?

I'm trying to build a duplicate FM receiver in the same fashion for one of my jealous co-workers. The issue is that the only F connectors I can find for sale are the double lead 300 ohm variety, the one I bought is "matching". How do I get this double lead F connector to work on my single point circuit board?

1) Twist leads together and solder both to single point circuit board input?
2) 1 lead to circuit board and 1 lead to ground?
3) 1 lead to circuit board and 1 lead disconnected?