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Thread: Mechanism of the Luxembourg Groky Effect

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    Default Mechanism of the Luxembourg Groky Effect

    Recently had the "pleasure" of talking to a "conspiracy theorist" and the topic of HAARP came up. After unsuccessfully attempting to inform him of the phenomenon of ionospheric RF modulation and its potential uses, I wanted to learn more myself. Unfortunately, there is very little online about the actual mechanism involved and wonder if anyone on here may have a bit more insight. Wiki states current theory is due to the ability of strong RF signals to affect the conductivity of the ionosphere, but says nothing about how or why. Being no stranger to the inside of an MRI machine, I would guess that is has to do with the angular momentum of the magnetic spin of the ions and how one signal might try to change the orientation caused by another signal and the resulting disturbance modulates the carrier of the weaker signal...

    Anyone with more than speculation regarding the mechanism on this awesome phenomenon?
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    I had not heard of this. The fellows at fmt-nuts might have some info.

    I have read about H or V polarized HF signals changed to circular polarization after ionosphere bounce. After a move in the not too distant future I plan to setup at least one turnstyle antenna (not necessarily that) to experience and investigate a little more seriously.
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    The fellows at fmt-nuts might have some info.
    I joined the group, waiting for approval.

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