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Thread: N1KWW saying hello.

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    Default N1KWW saying hello.

    Licensed since 1990 or there about's. Primarily HF with a smattering of 2 meter thrown in. Prefer DIY antennas but in current living accommodations need to resort to vertical as owner nixed any "wire hanging from trees! Liability issue!" Will be 80 in August 2019. Enjoy ragchew and FX when bands accommodate. QRP so as not to disturb neighbors. Glad to be aboard!

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    Howdy and welcome to the forums !
    73, Jim/N4AAB got my Extra class license on Aug 10, 2017. Vanity call in Oct, 2014.
    My Ham radio site has no popups, no music, no banners.
    'Through the thorns to the stars' from Ghost-in-the-Shell anime.

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    And welcome to the forum.

    Kind regards,


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