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    Hello to all!
    I got my Technician Class License in December of last year, and got the General Class License March of this year.
    Just got my first HF radio today, a used Kenwood TS-130s, and I am very happy and excited to be getting in to HF now.

    I'm studying for the Amateur Extra License too, but want to take my time and really learn the material before taking the exam.

    Anyways, I'd love to learn the history and design philosophy of this Kenwood radio I got today. Can anyone point me to website(s) where I can read about these things,?

    Thank you in advance for any help!

    Z. Wade Hampton, W7ORW in Sheridan Montana USA

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    Hamma Montana? Sorry, just hcouldn't resist it...

    Anways, welcome to the forums.

    Here's a google search page for the history of the Kenwood radio company: (shortened with bitly)

    I hadn't realised that Kenwood and Trio were same.

    Best regards,


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    That is a great sounding radio, i have 2 of them. The only drawback it has is an undersized band switch that needs occasional cleaning and adjusting. If you ever notice the frequency display start acting up, check the switch contacts. The band switch sets the MHz portion of the display, not the counter, so its a perfect indicator for when the switch loosens up. If you stay on top of that issue, you will have an amazing rig for a long time.

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