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Thread: Need a Wireless Remote Tuner?

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    Default Need a Wireless Remote Tuner?

    Need a Wireless Remote Tuner?

    I use a wireless remote tuner to tune my 62' 80M vertical on 40 and
    60M. The heart of the tuner is the small 12 channel remote relay board
    with its 12 relays that you control with a 12 button hand-held remote. I
    program my relay boards to be latching, so you push button 1, relay 1 latches. Push button 1 again, relay 1 unlatches. The remote relay board runs on 12 vdc, the hand-held remote control has a battery. They can be bought on ebay cheaply, and if you are interested in building a remote tuner you should buy 3 of them.. one for the tuner, one as a local display, and one in case you get a defective board. Search ebay for " 12ch remote control relay " to see what one looks like and the prices. I always buy the cheapest one and haven't got a dud yet nor have I had one fail. Programming instructions can also be found on the vendor's site.

    A local display is simply some LEDs that light when a relay is latched so
    you don't have to remember, and both the display and the tuner relay boards are in lock-step controlled by one remote. A 8 LED DIP package makes a nice display and easily fits between the relays and clears the other components when it is centered and poking out of a hole in the top of the plastic relay box. I hot-glued mine in place, and one 600 ohm resistor is used to light all the LEDs. My tuner configuration uses 6 remote relays and 6 local display LEDs ( my displays actally use two 8 DIP LED's for a total of 16 lights so I can display all 12 remote relays ).

    For tuning I bought a 12 vdc 2 rpm geared motor with 1/4" shaft and a nylon
    coupling to turn an old capacitor I had from the junk box. Two of the remote relays make the motor go either fwd or rev, but now that this antenna project is done the variable capacitor is disconnected and replaced with fixed ones, so now it's not a tuner, it is a " Remote Matching Unit ".

    The actual tuner is a "L" match which is simple and works well with vertical
    antennas, with the coil in series and capacitor parallel. Besides being
    simple, the "L" match means there is solid metal from your radio to the tip of
    your antenna, while commercial remote tuners are all "T" matched and have
    2 built-in air gaps.

    I wasn't concerned about size, but a very small remote tuning unit could be built using torroids instead of air-wound coils, and fixed capacitors instead of a
    large variable one. My antenna is in the garage and is attached to the wall using "L" brackets with 2" clamps, and exits the roof via an unused dryer vent, so my tuner is also in the garage and isn't exposed to the outside elements.

    What can YOU do with 12 remotely controlled relays?

    Thank you for reading this
    Dale, W6TZI

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    I used a couple recently in a spot-welder. Our microwave oven died recently so I tore the transformer out and rewound the secondary.

    The primary is connected through a series of relays, the first connects the mains to the primary of the big transformer (there's another small one to provide 12V for the relay circuit).
    This mains circuit also runs through a timer relay which is powered by the second set of poles of the first relay (12V).
    When the relay timer expires and it turns on, it breaks the mains circuit on the spot welder, giving me a pulse of 2V 100A for however long the timer relay is set for (about 10ms to 5s).

    Simple. A lot simpler than all those youtube versions with micro-controllers and SCRs
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    SCR's, noisy nasty things. I used a 12 channel remote to select one-of-ten
    external hard drives which had a bunch of video on them, but there were always problems with USB hubs, so gave up on it. Built a cute little 4 port antenna switch with a 4 channel remote and couldn't do without it. I have
    had 2 board failures with the 4 channel ones, never a failure with the
    12 channel.

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