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Thread: Cross Band repeater mode with TM-V71A

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    Default Cross Band repeater mode with TM-V71A

    I bought a TM-V71A I guess over a year ago so that I would have a way to operate from a handy-talkie to reach repeaters when I am outside in the yard working or what ever. From the handy-talkie I transmit on a UHF frequency to the TM-V71A and it would output on a VHF Frequency. It functioned very and I only used it in that mode a few times. The other day I put it in cross band repeat mode but it would not output on VHF A side. I have it set in Menu 403 "Cross" and "A-TX". It will output on B side UHF freq. when ever A side VHF receives a signal.
    When B side receives a UHF signal, the S meter responds showing a good signal received but then no output on the VHF side A.
    Cannot figure out what it is I am doing or not doing this time. It is a simple operation to do cross band on the radio but this time it's got me baffled.
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    After making the post above, I got it to work. I don't know why but Menu item 517 "Data Band" wasn't set correctly. "ATx and BRx". I didn't think menu 517 had anything to do with the cross band repeat but I guess it does.

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    Glad you got it figured out. I’ve had two of them for six years now, one of them has been cross banding the entire time on low power in a non climate controlled location !

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    Default cross band repeater

    I had originally purchased a similar TM-V71A. This one works perfect, first try. The way the v71a works is a little slow (plus 1000 memories is going to take a while!) but man it's a lot better than hand-programming things.

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