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Thread: TS-480 Finals

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    Default TS-480 Finals

    Does anyone know the number for the finals in a TS-480SAT and where I can get them?

    My rig only gets 80 watts out on CW with a watt meter and a dummy load connected and the rig tuned.

    I thought there was a way to bypass the tuner to test the finals, but I can not find one.

    Please help.


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    How do you know the watt meter is calibrated correctly? Is this an external meter or one built in? I ask because it seems that one antenna terminal is connected to the internal tuner & one isn't if I'm reading the manual correctly. Next thing that comes to mind is are you generating a single, solid tone or a series of dahs/dits? That might explain the discrepancy. Is the power turned down in a menu somewhere?
    80 watts is too close to rated maximum for me to suspect bad finals. I'm more inclined to think peak vs rms meter readout or something as sublime as that. Can you transmit in RTTY and see what you get?

    Manual here -
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