I just got my ham license last year, and my first rig was a TH-F6a. I chose that radio because of its size and design, which I really liked. The problem is that all activity in my area is digital, and the F6 is analog. So after a year with a ham license, I still haven't contacted anyone.

So I tried to get a digital rig, and my favorite was an FT1XD. I really don't like touch screens, so I didn't want an FT2. I'm more of a purist, and the FT1 is just my style. I wanted a new one, and I knew that the radio was discontinued and no longer available, so I thought I really lucked out when I saw that new ones were available from Japan. Not knowing about the band plan difference, I bought one.

What a surprise when I found out the 'Error' I was getting on my club repeater's freq was because it was above 146.

I learned about the mod for this rig, where you remove solder from the board in the hole in the back of the radio, so that's been done, and a reset has been done multiple times, but nothing has changed with Tx.

Is there something else that can be done? Did Japan get wise to this mod and order Yaesu to change the radio to make this mod ineffective?

I talked to Yaesu, and they gave me a price on a new main board: $340. And Yaesu will not change the board for me. I can buy it from them, but someone else has to install it. The repair center in Toronto no longer has a tech (retired), so there are no more in-house repairs.

Buying a new board is a very expensive way to get a digital radio. I love the FT1XD, and have no plans to compromise anytime soon. Although I really do want an FT70. It's just not as much radio as the FT1XD.

So, to the advanced techs out there: You have all kinds of circuit boards and parts lying around your shack, and the tools to do whatever you want. If you had my Japanese FT1 on your bench right now, and you took the whole thing apart, what could you do to get Tx from 144 - 148, and 430 - 450? Or just totally wide open. That works too.

If I don't buy a new board for $340US, this radio is just a brick. Either I spend $340 to get it working to our standards, or I chuck the guts and keep the case to repair a used and beat up FT1 someday.

Can you help me get on the air at 147 to talk with my ham friends?