Hi I'm installing the qso king 160-6 meter long wire end fed antenna from Bruce at mapleleaf antennas it's the 117 foot version with a 9:1 un/un I have a good question for the ham operators since this is receive only I would like to get the best possible reception there is I already have the mfj 915 which I will be installing outside 35 feet down the antenna line on a 40 foot coax (rg8x)and then with the 50 foot coax connected to that into my house to myantenna brand cmc 0510-r choke connected to a 3ft jumper going to myAlinco DXr8t. My question is to be get the best possible signal reception should I use an mfj 956 which is a passive preselector but also an antenna tuner or should I just use the mfj 1046 which is a wonderful preselector on its own or should I use the mfj 1046 with the mfj 16010 random wire antenna tuner I know these will help but which would be the best for my particular kind of antenna setup half of my antenna will be running East and West the other North and South in an L shape with the Transformer at the North Part any advice or assistance would greatly be appreciated