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    Smile newbie saying hi

    Hello to all from the farthest point of Texas, Brownsville and South padre island. ive been into sw and ham radio for years and im in the process of getting ready to take the no tech license if omg I can get antenna theory down!!it all started for me when in 1975 when I was 5 years old my grandpa got me an orbiter satellite sw radio, hearing those stations overseas the bbc being my favorite I will never forget at that time it was strictly sw for my passion but when my dad passed away couple of years ago I made it a point to get my license as my dad grandpa and uncle all had ham licenses they were from Ohio my main family was from wads worth and Akron now that im married and settled im going to take advantage of the no tech my grandpas was a Morse code reader on the navy ships during ww2 and could read and talk with flashlights!! growing up I also started with scanners the old ones you bought the crystals for as well and various radio equipment right now I own a Grundig satellite 750 and bcd 396xt and 346xt and othger older scanners but my pride and joy is my alnico dxr8t I just got the antenna I bought is a qso king from maple leaf the 160-10 meter at 117 ft length just waiting for the weather to improve so I can find the best way to install it that way when I get my license I can transmit as well probably with an icom im looking also a licensed skywarn operator with the nws down here and you can find me under the national skywarn site username rfd god bless all our hams take care!!

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    welcome to the forum.

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    Howdy and welcome aboard !
    73, Jim/N4AAB got my Extra class license on Aug 10, 2017. Vanity call in Oct, 2014.
    My Ham radio site has no popups, no music, no banners.
    'Through the thorns to the stars' from Ghost-in-the-Shell anime.

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