HI Everyone,

I am a newly minted ham from Maryland. I just got my tech and are working toward my General for the next test date. I have always loved the idea of amateur radio and look forward to many aspects of this HUGE hobby. I inherited a Kenwood TS440s sat from a old friend who is sadly now silent key. It would be an honor to be on the air with his rig. I also have a Baofeng HT BF8 that I picked up from Amazon. I have yet to make first contact, but that is coming soon I hope.

I have been researching antennas and wow - it is a bit overwhelming! I have a small 1/3 acre lot (No HOA, just an XYL) and can use the half behind the house (full of huge live oaks) for a reasonable antenna setup. I can also use some of my second story deck (I was thinking to mount a mast to). I have been looking at the popular G5RV for my HF setup, but I am not sure I have 102 feet of ground space. I can for sure fit a G5RV jr at only 51 feet across.

The hardest part to figure out for me seems to be what do I need to ground, how do I ground it and where on antenna or line do I run the ground? I have reasonably easy access from the outside to my ham shack, so that is not bad.

I look forward to being a useful member here.