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Thread: Hello from next door to Dorothy and Toto "Kansas"

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    Default Hello from next door to Dorothy and Toto "Kansas"

    Well hello everybody, been thinking about ham radio for many years my second son decided we needed to get into Ham radios for our 4 x 4 club so he and I both bought Yaesu FTM 100 "CD?" I think on the CD. Still have to take test (next month) my radio arrived today, and I'm preparing to set it up. I'm worrying about the SWR. Since I'm at work i havent seen it yet. But does it have a built in swr meter? And can i use my old CB meter??

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    Hi Tinbender -

    My mom was born in Burlington CO, just a short distance from KS. She told me that there was a "Welcome to Burlington" sign at the turnoff from the highway and somebody had put a "Welcome to Kansas" sign on the same post. I still have a few relatives in Kanorado KS which is a LOT closer to CO.
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    As long as someone has a license, they can transmit the radio, but I don't see on the web where a built in swr meter is a feature. I doubt a cb swr meter will work as accurately as you might want for a $300+ radio. Maybe someone in the area has one you could use, or watch while they do it or something.

    I grew up next to the front range near Littleton way back in the 20th century. I sort of miss that part of the world, but I do not miss the bomb cyclone you guys just had. Stay safe, stay warm.

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