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Thread: SETUP : RTL-SDR dongle (RTL2832U) & TS-450

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    Default SETUP : RTL-SDR dongle (RTL2832U) & TS-450


    I am experiencing difficulty getting the software to recognize the dongle (RTL-SDR dongle (RTL2832U)).

    I am using this version of software : SDR-Radio V3, 64-bit, 2019-02-08_1745

    As indicated my xcvr is the Kenwood TS-450.

    The dongle is wired into the 1st IF.

    I have had this running previously but recently had to re-image my computer and lost everything.

    Do you have step by step instructions how to setup the software and configure for my xcvr ?

    Note: I have already used the instructions located at : without success.

    Thank you.

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    Remove USB device.
    Uninstall drivers for device
    Re-install drivers for device
    Plug USB back in

    Sometimes this works for USB devices...

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    Uninstalled everything ... checked the hard drive and the registry to be certain nothing was left behind. Removed lingering files.

    Made certain the dongle was not plugged in.

    Went through the install process again.

    No luck.

    I feel like I am missing a step or a setting. Something I was told outside of the SDR site.


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    Here are two screen shots :



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