Started to have problems with my Wouxun KG-UV920P-E. Loosing channels, all the settings, also making up new memory channels, loosing digits (channel 103 became 10_ and a while later _0(blank) etc.).

Sounded like a dud EEPROM which I read about in the Wouxun handhelds, so I ordered a 24LC256(yes, KG-UV920P has a 256k eeprom, not the 64k one) and swapped it (a bit of a slip up so I destroyed the orginal one). After the swap the radio was dead, until I realized that hammering the on/off button 4-5 times made the radio light back up.

And as it's a 2m/4m version I wondered why it came back to life as a 2m/70cm one? But after a bit of googling it seems this is to be expected.

I ordered the USB programming cable, and found the "unlock frequencies" software, and with that I could write the frequency limits per the RF part capabilities.

So far, so good - and now we get to the problem: If I happen to press 6 for the VFO/MR, the radio locks up for good. I get some gibberish "CH-520, CH-5<0" with no consistency at all if trying to go up/down the memory slots. Also can't get to menu to reset the rig and half of the buttons do not seem to do anything.

I verified this by changing the eeprom yet again, and it does the same. I can even "save" frequencies and surf the menu while on initial VFO mode, but after going to MR mode, I'm stuck. Also the unlocker can read/write to the radio just fine, but the memory bank programmer says "Connection failure" no matter when I try to connect.

Any ideas? I'm thinking there is something on the orginal EEPROM which is needed for the radio to work properly. Is there some kind of firmware uploader? Image of the orginal EEPROM?