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Thread: Hello from Breda (netherlands) PD8B

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    Default Hello from Breda (netherlands) PD8B

    Hi all!

    Hamradio does not stop at the border. So i am interested in what happend over the borders with hamradio.
    Im just a fresh Ham amateur. And busy with getting my full license (novice at this moment) Also busy with starting with Sota and mobile station.
    Also just a bit digital doing since this weekend (FT8, RTTY etc) And working at my (dutch) website which also take some hobbytime for me

    And last but not least.. sorry for my poor english!

    regards, (ore 73!)
    PD8B Berrie

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    I have no problem with your English, and since English, or at least the Texas version of it is all I speak, I would have no room to poke fun at anyone else's second language usage.
    Welcome to the forum and the hobby.

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