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    Hey hams,

    New guy here. I received a tech license in the summer of 2017, own a meager Baofeng handheld with some accessories, and don't do any ham. The radio is too frustrating, and although I live in town I can't be heard clearly from the nearest repeaters.

    I also don't really know anything about radio use. I "talked on them" for years in various capacities, but I am definitely not a DIY kind of guy so ham hasn't really turned out like I hoped.

    As I replace my current vehicle, I'm considering mounting a discrete mobile unit and discrete antenna and have thus rekindled some interest with a radio of higher capacity.

    The Gordon West books are what I've read but never went back to take the general test since I lack considerable free time working four professional positions, lol.

    Although I read a lot, I don't find ham texts to be very high yield but do follow some ham-related Instagram pages.

    Hoping to learn something from the forums!



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    'Discreet' and 'effective' antenna don't necessarily go hand in hand. Best do a little research beforehand here -

    This is one of the better forums to get questions answered with minimal snark. Most of those types have been run off by now.

    Welcome aboard and welcome to ham radio. We'll get you through the rough spots, it's worth it if you're into radio for radio's sake. Kinda like a love affair that never grows cold.

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    welcome to the forum. I have never tried any "discrete" so I can not be of much help there. Good luck with what you are trying to do.
    I would suggest getting with your local ham club and see what some of the other guys are doing with their installs and see if you find something there that will fill your needs.

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