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Thread: end fed multi band dipole 10-8 0meters

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    Default end fed multi band dipole 10-8 0meters

    new to hf. i have questions about mounting height and direction to install an end fed dipole. i live in a two story log cabin with open space to the west{about 250ft flat run to garage and to the north east sloping down. ham shack is on the second floor. any thoughts?

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    Dipoles (or pretty much any antenna) react to some degree with the ground beneath them, chalk, flint, clay etc. all give different responses.

    If you had a model antenna and feeder and relocated it, you'd get different results from the ground absorption.

    There is a relationship between ground absorption and fraction of a wavelength above ground for antennas I seem to remember.

    Which way you point your dipole will dictate, to a large part, which stations you will be able to work. So if you mount it North-South, you will hear East-West stations stongest.

    Erect it in the easiest way and see how it performs!

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