Hi all
One for the vintage hams - I have just built a transmitter using 6AG7 and 807 tubes and have following power supply query:
The power supply I have is a Yaesu FP200 for the FT200 transceiver. The voltage requirements for the 807 rig is +750v DC for the 807 and +250v DC for the 6AG7 plus 6.3v for the heaters of course. The FP200 gives measured voltages of 700 and 415 or 207, these are unloaded readings, under load they would be a little less of course. My question is: would 207v be too low for the 250v line to the 6AG7, or 415v too high. Also would 700v be to low, resulting in loss of power in watts for the 807. Should I reduce the 415v supply for the 6AG7 with a resistor in line to bring it down to around 250v?
The author Dean Hemphill K5DH uses a Heathkit HP23 power supply. I did toy with the idea of dismantling the FP200 and rebuilding to the specs of the HP23, but as the FP200 works perfectly well, I'd rather not.
Any thoughts from you valve enthusiasts would be most welcome.
73's for now
Pee Dee G0JJI