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Thread: Comparing Analyzers

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    Default Comparing Analyzers

    I am thinking of getting a Rig Expert 230. But recently came across the
    Steppir SARK-110 analyzer. Does anyone know about it?
    I have seen a couple Youtube videos, but that is all. One critical remrak
    is that it can be hard to see the screen in bright light. Is that a problem with Rig Expert analyzers ?
    Thanks - KG6ABH

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    I have the RigExpert AA-170 and love it. I have no trouble seeing my screen outside, but I have the non-colored screen. Not sure if that matters.

    I noticed on the SteppIR website that the SARK-110 uses an MCX connector with an included SMA adapter. I do not know how much that little connector can handle in terms of adapters and coax hanging off the analyzer if you need to go to a PL-259... Id be a bit afraid to connect my LMR-400 to such a little port while holding the analyzer! If the Spec charts on the SteppIR website are truthful, their device has about 0.2 ohm deviation across the 3 to 144 MHz span. My RigExpert has about 1 ohm deviation across the same span, but... mine has not been calibrated since I swapped the SO-239 with an N-Type connector and I don't think my dummy load was intended for VHF.

    I really like my RigExpert!

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    Visit the sark-110 designers website lots of info, videos and software to use with the sark.

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