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Thread: Updated SDRplay Raspberry Pi3 SD Card image

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    Default Updated SDRplay Raspberry Pi3 SD Card image

    The SDRplay downloadable SD card image for the Raspberry Pi3 is proving very popular both for introducing radio to RPi users, and enabling existing radio enthusiasts to have a lot of fun. The latest release includes RSP TCP Server software which opens up more ways of using an RSP remotely - you just need a Raspberry Pi, an RSP and an internet connection to allow most RTL-SDR compatible software to access the radio.

    Here then, is what comes pre-installed in the downloaded SD card image:

    The RPi3 operating system (you don’t need to mess with your current software set-up)
    Cubic SDR (complete SDR receiver software)
    GNU Radio Companion
    ADSB (Dump1090)
    QT-DAB receiver
    RSP TCP Server

    Click here to find out more:
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