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Thread: Yaesu FT-70DR works with Chirp?

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    Default Yaesu FT-70DR works with Chirp?

    I have a new Yaesu FT-70DR. I have not found any way to use Chirp to program the radio. I would like to use Chirp, since I like Linux a lot more than Windows.

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    Just keep in mind the old adage "You get what you pay for..."

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    Default Why I don't use the supplied software/cabel

    I have spent several hours trying to get the supplied software/cable to work on windows 10. I have followed the multiple you tube instructions. Nothing works. Chirp does not work. So I gave in and purchased the rt Systems software/cable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmh View Post
    Why not use the Yaesu one?

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    Again, "You get what you pay for." My experiences with the Yaesu software have been sketchy at best. RT Systems is the only way to go.

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