Good Day Folks.

My name is Carl. I am a Canadian in British Columbia.

I am living a very remote lifestyle by the lake here in B.C and I am in an R.V.

I have spent now 10 thousand on a super insane computer so I do have various technological toys at my disposal. My goal/hopes are to have a good working HAM Radio set working here on Solar Panels.

I also heard that you can communicate with outer space/the space station certain times of the day/week.

I know nothing about HAM radio things but I am hoping to meet a friendly helpful person who does not mind helping me getting the parts/pieces that I need to get this set up without having to have myself waste a ton of money doing this by buying bad parts, irrelevant parts and so forth.

If you're up for it and care to message me then please let me know. I in turn can help you with any computer problems you may have via discussion or remote desktop connection and so forth.

Cheers and Thanks.