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    I can’t save frequencies, store channels to memory. Manual says to press “band” to save, but it switches to another band. Also, manual says to press f/w to store a memory channel. Radio seems to work otherwise..I can trip repeaters, but radio will not save a frequency (“save” keeps blinking), and unable to store frequencies in memory. Any help will be appreciated, thanks

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    Look at page 25 in the manual. The "SAVE" indication on the LCD has NOTHING to do with saving a memory channel. It indicates that the "Receive Battery Saver" is in operation. When it's blinking it means the radio has gone into a low power mode, waking up at a pre-set interval to check for activity. If activity is detected, the radio remains active until the activity ends then goes back into save mode. Watch the "SAVE" indicator when you are receiving a signal. You'll see it remains on and doesn't blink.

    Pages 31-33 give the steps for storing frequencies in the memory. To be honest, I didn't program mine by hand, but purchased the RT Systems software for it right after I bought it. However, the way I read it, you shouldn't be using the "BAND" button at all to store memories.

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