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Thread: Advice on DIY Dipole spacers for multi band dipole plz

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    Default Advice on DIY Dipole spacers for multi band dipole plz

    Im an older HAM that has been inactive for sometime so my memory isn't the greatest anymore when it comes to the hobby. I would like some advice on building wire spacers for a multiband dipole antenna please. I'm getting the itch to upgrade and become active again.
    The other day I bought a multi-band dipole antenna off of Ebay from a guy in Brazil. I wasn't real sure if it was going to be a good deal or not but I received it this morning and was VERY surprised when I opened it up. It looks like it is a quality build and came with everything to set it up on one band with separate sets of wires for 80-10 meters. My question is, Why could I not set this up as a multi-band fan dipole? i believe its possible but I need to find out more on building wire spacers to separate the different band wires. All I can find on any design on Google is that guys use either fiberglass rods or PVC pipe usually cut between 8-12 inches in length. I am worried that if I just drill a hole for each of the wires that they will move on the wires and change the spacing. What is the proper and correct way to use these and make them stable?
    Thanks in advance,

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    The last time I made a multi-wire dipole was a coupled resonator dipole with 4 bands. I used the blue (or red) PEX tubing used for plumbing houses. It is a much softer plastic than PVC so it drills well. Seems to be very strong too. I drilled holes through the tubes and fed the wires in one side and out the end, tied a knot on a pre-marked spot, and fed it back in and through the other hole Sometimes tricky to pull the wire tight in the tube but not too difficult. It was nice having the stabilizing knots tied inside the spacers. I Never had any trouble with it getting tangled with spacers every 4 feet.

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    I built about 75 feet of open-wire (ladder) line to feed my horizontal loop. I used snall electric fence insulators from Tractor Supply. I used #14 THHN stranded wire. I drilled a hole in each end of the insulator which was just large enough to pass the wire through and then hot-glued each insulator in place. So far, it's holding up well. So, hot glue might be an option.

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    Zip ties (the UV resistant ones) are another option. You zip tie the wire on each side of your spacer material to hold the wire in place. The hot glue dabs are a good counter measure too, maybe both? Zip ties on the windward side and hot glue dabs on the leeward side?? I've seen YouTubes where guys use writing pens as spacers (seems wasteful to throw away all that ink) and many other things. Just keep it light and you should be fine.

    Check back with us when you get it done.

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