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Thread: Kenwood TS2000 display problem

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    Default Kenwood TS2000 display problem

    I have a older Kenwood TS2000 and the other day I entered the mode to read the firmware checksum.. I did not load any firmware upgrades.. This worked fine and everything seemed ok.. Days later I turned on the radio to use normally and the radio front panel seems to be in some kind of test loop.. The radio itself is working fine, it shows the frequency on the display and all the other functions... What its doing is that first I see along the bottom of the LCD display is the dolphins or fish swimming across, then the back light goes from off to full brightness in steps, then all the LEDs blink on and off for a few times.. This keeps repeating unless I turn the VFO knob or push buttons on the front panel.. I have done both resets and unplugged the DC power for the fun of it but it still is doing this routine.. It looks like its stuck in some kind of front panel test mode.. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks, Skip

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    Holding func while powering up then releasing function once it turns on might work. The manual explains demonstration mode on page 99 (or page 107 of the pdf manual since the first few printed page numbers are roman numeral)
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    Thanks Brandon, that fixed it.. Crazy I looked all through both manuals and missed this demonstration mode..
    You would have thought the hard reset would have cleared it all back to default or normal.. Lesson learned, thanks again.. Skip

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