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Thread: gift ideas for a ham dad

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    Hoping for advice on gift ideas for my dad. He was a childhood ham enthusiast and just got back into it since retirement. He prefers to pick his own equipment, but I've been looking at things like call sign plaques, a world map with DXCC country list, etc. Would be grateful for any suggestions, up to around $200.

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    Although it would not be as personal as you would want it be, a gift card from a ham radio dealer is a viable option. My son got me a gift card at a dealer, and I got a couple of items I really wanted. I am picky as well, and the gift card was just right for me.

    If you choose to get him a gift card, I would make sure it could be used for online purchases from the dealer who issues it. I looked for a gift card for my ham brother, and one of the dealers would not allow the card to be used for online purchases.

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    Make him an "on the air" illuminated sign, with his callsign on it - something handmade, especially by a sibling would be worth more than "real" equipment.

    Alternatively, there are tons of modules on ebay, component/capacitance testers, oscilloscopes, code readers - you name it...

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    Years ago, I made myself a call sign plaque. OK, the brass part had to be engraved professionally - I didn't have the skills or the gear - but I cut, bevelled and planed away until the wooden parts were perfect, then stained and polished it and finally put it all together. I didn't have kids at the time, so had to do it myself but I'm imagining the smile of my face if they'd made something like that themselves and given it to me. Something truly unique that you can't just go out and buy - that would be special.
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