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Thread: ICOM M-600 Need to add an 8 pin Din plug

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    Default ICOM M-600 Need to add an 8 pin Din plug

    New to the Forum but need some help. I need to add an 8 pin din plug to the accessory spot on my Icon M-600 for Signal link connection. Does anyone know the correct connections to make inside the radio? I can handle the actual connections and I have a schematic, I am just new enough to not really know the right connections for each pin.
    Thanks in advance,
    Brent H

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    You'll need audio in, audio out & PTT, as well as earth(s).

    The microphone socket pinout is on Page 6

    The accessory socket pinouts are on page 10 - looks like everything you need is on ACC1 (pins 2, 3, 4 & 5).

    If the signalink runs on 12V, you can take the Voltage from pin 7 on the same connector too.

    Reading into the Tigertronics manual... I think you can configure the "Ethernet" connector pinout to whatever you want with internal jumpers. So, you should decide what order you want the pins in and wire the ACC1 plug accordingly.
    It doesn't really matter what order you use or what colours the wires are, provided the jumpers are set right. I would investigate fitting the Tigerlink board inside the radio if you can find room (for a USB socket on the back of the radio)...
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