I have a TS480SAT installed in Virginia and am trying to access it from Florida using the ARHP10 Kenwood TS480SAT software
With the HOST ARHP10 installed in Virginia. I am able to turn on the radio via the ARHP10 Host software. I installed the ARCP480 on
my Florida computer and it will not connect to Virginia. I did all the port forwarding ports 50000 and 33550 on the modem in Florida and
Virginia. Has anyone used this software to connect via WAN? I did install the ARCP480 software in Virginia and it controls the radio fine
and I have been using the radio remote from Florida by using Team Viewer to connect and skype for audio. But I wanted to try
Kenwoods ARHP10 software for control and Kenwoods Voip program for audio and no luck connecting with either. Anyone using this remote technique?